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Behind the scenes,the making of -People’s TV 101


Muki Garang

I have to say  this year’s Jukwaani was alot  different from the previous on in 2009.  In both festivals’ preparations and rehearsals proved to be extremely challenging when it comes to the technical aspects.  The sharp difference comes in with the team that i worked with, proffesionalism was at its peak.  I realize as Maisha Yetu grows our skills in production grows as well.

For Jukwaani 2010 Harsita Waters  –Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator of Alliance Francaise  did give me another chance .  Thank you Harsita.

I worked out a video production deal with Xmedia Kenya. It reminds me of my friend Mwafrika talking about the intricacies and difficulties of sound production and editing.  With what we had tried the best we could .

This production was brought to life by;Muki Garang,Pepe Haze,Anne Moraa Ondieki,Karen Ashley Nduko,Eudia Kamonjo,Kennet B.

Pepe Haze

The Saul Williamns look alike, Pepe Haze (TY in MTV Shuga) was the coordinator once  again this year for  our  set People’s TV 101.











Anne Moraa Ondieki



Anne Moraa on the other hand is a theater diva – this sister gets into character in a holistic fashion -watch out for her piece ‘Alex‘ you’ll be stunned.









Eudia Kamonjo

Eudia Kamonjo’s poem was a  feminine appreciation of being sensual,with her charm she  disarms the unsuspecting audience leaving them at the mercy of her spell from her poem ‘My hottest poem‘.










Karen Ashley Ndiko



Karen Ashley Nduko’s school girl looks should not deceive you watch her transformation during her perfomance on the piece ‘Funny How‘ she puts the F in FIDA ! .






Kennet B

Kennet B adorning a Bingi natty rasta poise came in with stories and tales of how young women get lured by the desire of a fast life in his piece ‘Kitambi ya sugar daddy’.










I wrapped up the event with a satirical depiction of a live news set  – reading news that highlighted on the plight of women in Kenya.  The piece is called ‘Taarifa ya habari’.  The DVD is ready i’ll let you know how you can get it.

For those of you who continue to support Maisha Yetu, Thank you.  Thanks to Kenya’s best poets also for the  invaluable donation to Maisha Yetu.


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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