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Maisha Yetu featuring Kenya Copyright Board

On the 27th of August 2011, Maisha yetu conducted a workshop and invited the kenya copyright board to disseminate in a palatable format to artists matters concerning copyrights and intellectual property.

Education is one of Maisha Yetu’s objectives to enhance capacity amongst artists in the creative industry. Our focus is currently concentrated on empowering established and upcoming performance artists in Kenya, by educating them on their intellectual property rights to give them an economic edge and knowledge on safeguarding their creative work.

Artists learnt;

  • How to protect  artistic work from bootlegging (piracy) and even  content like  beats from getting jacked. (Infringement).
  • Oganizations are involved in copyrights and intellectual property.
  • Where to receive FREE legal counsel and where to get information online.


As an artist(s) keep up the pace with the info because you may be working hard on stage and in the studio  but it is time to work smart, tool up and protect your neck !Here some pics from our gallery of the workshop

Security check on entrance at the sarakasi Dome entrance







Angela Ndambuki of Perfomers rights society of Kenya











Hellen Koki of the Kenya Copyright Board Kecobo was the Main speaker










Workshop is in session








Sound check with Muki Garang

Workshop in session







Kecobo staff distributing literature








Buddha & Muki paying attention









5 responses to “Maisha Yetu featuring Kenya Copyright Board

  1. This is amazing stuff. I didn’t even know there is a Performer’s Right Society of Kenya!! good stuff!

  2. Good work Maisha Yetu… Kenya copyright board seems to be reaching out to young artists.

  3. Thank you for your support we help the youth make informed decisions. These proffesionals had alot to say on copyrights and intellectual property. The video will be posted on the blog soon.

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