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A Dollar a Day

A dollar a day is an 18 track album produced by Kenya’s South African based Akili Blaq.  The project was overseen by Muki Garang. The music in the album is prominent with a mixture of cultures from East,west  and South Africa, with innovations in contemporary Hip-hop, a fusion of Setswana and Swahili.

The content in the musical compilation is not isolated to the youth but also accommodates the wider African society. It covers topics such as; Civil strife, The Malema effect,Love, HIV and Aids, Xenophobia, land reform policy and ethnicity.

This project involves renown artists from the regions,Mpho ya Badimo(Motswedini fm,Mafikeng), Lerato Mosimane (formerly of BOP Tv), Apu, TLS, Relevant source(SA), Angell Nthoi (Botswana),Bra Sam Bass (Zimbabwe) Ngozi Chukura (Botswana),Omodada (Nigeria) and Kenya’s Akili Blaq who doubles as a rap artist.

Lastly the album contains interviews with policy makers and stakeholders from the post apartheid region mainly Sylvia Liabile (Chair person of South African Business committee on Hiv and AIDs).

The album was produced during the month of December 2011 at Dextraw studios formerly Lefoko Studios in Mafikeng,Northwest province.

A Dollar a day is a gesture of unity amongst African youth and was an initiative by Maisha Yetu and PAYTAfrica.


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

29 responses to “A Dollar a Day

  1. Busta Chizzy ⋅

    Africans for Africa thats how all Africans supposedta

  2. great stuff. currently downloading it. Can’t wait to hear it. 🙂

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  4. kenlogic ⋅

    Pure work of genious! Equal to none, cant get enough of it….nice work people!

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  7. Digidi Dise ⋅

    hiphop for africa. i surely dig. Well done jimbos.

  8. NICE STUFF! A must download

  9. Tonnie Wambuh ⋅

    Just one word “superb”

  10. Tonnie Wambuh ⋅

    I luv it.Just one word “superb”

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  16. killah monk ⋅

    Respect…ke tletse

  17. Owen Ouma

    Bra Muki favors his most natural trait making A Dollar A Day… **Dope

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  21. Jabu ⋅

    Hi,A friend directed to this blog upon finding out I need music for a documentary on Mafikeng and Barolong. Any idea where do I get permission to use the music? You can call me on 0837764833.

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