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A Dollar A Day – The Poets who made it possible

Ngozi Chukura is a graduate of the UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art, where she majored in print media.  A participant in  group exhibitions, amongst them, Headlines, a group fundraising exhibition at the Centre for African Studies Gallery, Cape Town and more recently, Surprize, Surprize at Thapong Visual Arts Centre, in Gaborone.

With a passion for words Ngozi continues to edit  manuscripts, books, and magazines, though its evident she is more inclined towards the more ephemeral, process- based medium of drawing, Ngozi explains  “I find drawing a more immediate way of working eanbling me to  unearth imaginations,transcribing one’s dreams into another medium- whether it is word or image.”   As a participant in A Dollar a day Ngozi laced her poem Blueman which leaves you yearning for her verses non-stop in the poem  Blueman describing  an intense dream.

Feel free to visit Ngozi’s blog  and read some of her short stories which have appeared in BKO a poetry journal based in Johannesburg.

Listen to Blueman here

Quote from Blueman “Her name is apathy her actions contradicts her meaning, supposedly she is numb but the only one with feeling, i bring the seers here so she can touch them with her healing.”

Fondly reffered to her close friends and fans as Makeda.  Mpho Ya Badimo’s political views suggest ‘All animals are equal’ and her religious views revolve around the bearing ‘love and practicality’. Mpho enjoys working as  a head designer in Fashion and art movement in SA. She works in SABC’s Motsweding fm as a Producer and presenter for her popular reggae show.

A member of a Poetic Army called Verbalized , a  group of  5 poets from UK and 5 from South Africa brought together by the British council,SA.  Through Verbalized  Mpho has performed in London, Leeds and Manchester after having been invited by Leeds’  young authors to give workshops  and preside over the  annual Poetry Slam as a judge ,the event takes  place yearly in the month of June.

Some of Mpho’s favourite books are; Eleven minutes,The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) ,I’ll marry if I want petals of blood (Ngugi wa thiong’o) Animal Farm (George Orwell) and that’s not the end Mpho kills it her poem ‘Questionable answers’  in a dollar a day this poem is bound to rock Hiphop and poetry lovers for days on end.  Listen to Questionable answers here.

Lerato Mosimane is one industrious Ausi (Sista) between organizing golf clinics during 16 days of activism and organizing for women empowerement workshops in soweto,hillbrew and other areas prone with violence against women, she easily  manages to lay her vocals on her poem Mosadi which is Setswana for -the one who is left behind.  Lerato tackles the stereotype of the African woman subjugated in decision making of the family,controversial? -yes.  Other parts of the poem encourages “Taking stock of our cultural knowledge.”

For most part the poem pays tribute to heroines Graca Macel, Prof. Wangari Maathai,Brenda Fassie,Mirima Makeba,Mama Ellen Johnson amongst others.

The poem is spoken in Setswana and English. For all Jay Dilla fans i should warn you that  you may snap your neck on the spoken word and beat on this track.

Lerato runs Guy communications and is set to oversee  A Dollar a day marking 100 centenary years of the African National Congress struggle on February 14th during St. Valentine’s day.

Regos Mosimane is born a star, at age 10 her superstar qualities are quite evident,  she lights up a room playing various imaginary characters,projecting different vocal intonations while at it.  This young girl sparked the life of A Dollar day by introducing the musical project saying “I love music, I love music(s) but there is something different after other music(s).”  Ain’t that something?

Regos attends the International School of South Africa and plays the piano as her first instrument.


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