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Akili Blaq is MM3rd

A Dollar a day is a compilation of commentary as well as poets and musicians with a common vision the “rebirth of Africa”. Where artists and friends from Kenya,Nigeria,Zimbabwe,Botswana and South Africa all convereged in the Northwest of the Post Apertheid Nation to record.

The musical project was produced by Akili Blaq, Mwanamundu The 3rd (MM3rd) of Dextraw Multimedia, a digital music producer who has his pulse on sounds of Africa (Swahili taarab,Afro funk),Soul, The Blues with influences by JDilla, Madlib and MF Doom.

Akili Blaq describes A Dollar a day  saying   A Dollar a day, maintains an authentic African experience, but most importantly has managed to exhibit some of the best narratives on political issues from Zimbabwe’s land reform policy, negative-ethnicity,population control,love,HiV and Aids, sex and civil strife.”

Given his dedication and passion to the Hiphop culture, Akili admits “The artists in A Dollar a Day are my close friends,knowing them personally they have put aside all that pulls them down in this world to share with you pain,joy,party,knowledge,love and much more than you anticipate.”

On his neck-snapping beats Akili says “My music has no borders, my inspiration lies on keys,notes and quotes from the authors of these poems and raps.”

Akili plays the keyboard and has an ear to a wide array of music, he attests “You can’t be a producer listening to only Hiphop, you can’t be a rapper listening to only yourself.”
In the spirit of Ubuntu Blaq notes, “Download A Dollar a day and share with all folk!”


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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