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#A Dollar A day MC – APU (Motswako lyricist from Mafikeng)

Tracks in A Dollar a day #5-Mad Old   #10-All i got   #13-Pockets full of change

“In and out of town like my life style crazy/Can’t relate to half of my boys coz they got babies/The only time i see the other half is when they in court/ You know the story  one of them snitched now all of them caught/

Play Mad Ol’ [audio]

As a performer A.P.U has a natural flair and charm with remarkable crowd control. He has a firm understanding of people, the art of hosting and standup comedy. His performances are ‘audience participation’ driven which has led to plenty a successful shows. The MC can also drop ill poems as seen on the Fela Kuti sample Pockets full of change.

APU is also a conscious of community and breaks bread here with Muki Garang and Akili Blaq on Gangsterims in Mzansi.

A.P.U has an extensive performance background. At age 16 he was amongst the first group of artists who spearheaded the
premier of Lefoko (North West Hip‐hop Movement). He then joined the then Lyv promotions as one of its principal performers
learning and perfecting the Art of performance as an Art form and discipline.

He is currently producing, songwriting and recording a diverse portfolio of Artists in the North West province of South Africa. His naturally cool ambience and flair makes him flexible enough to handle young and older audiences alike.
A.P.U has strong Street credibility, and is Ideal for both cooperate and social event hosting (M.C).


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Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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