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Pan-African Hiphop connection #A Dollar a day


Maisha Yetu is an arts NGO based in Nairobi, it’s scope as per the Non-Governmental Co-ordination board registration is local. This does not deter us from exploring collaborations with youth from other parts of Africa.  A dollar a day is such a collaboration that marks our main project for 2012, to organize for a concert of all artists who produced in the 18 track album.

The album is available for free download in our blog and music enthusiasts are encouraged to share the link .

We are working towards producing concerts in  Nairobi,Lagos and  Johannesburg as a symbol of friendship between African youth from the participating countries namely; Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe,Botswana and South Africa. Increasing free movement between our borders, thus mitigating on negative aspects of society such as Xenophobia and negative ethnicity.

A Dollar a day addresses social ills and confronts the stereotype of Africa’s majority population living below the proverbial dollar a day. By the use of popular culture  Hiphop,commentary and Spoken word poetry encourages Africa’s youth to tap within their talents and exhaust economic opportunities. As a result living  dignified beyond the stereotypes associated with Africa.

Lastly because donor funding is a myth, we support each other in our projects from our own pockets. Due to  minimal resources we are unable to absorb a number of artists in this project.  Currently the best we can do is  country by country, song by song,the first step of many to come.

You are most welcome if you share in our ideology of a united Africa, whatever you can do to contribute in aiding the production of  Music for border hoppas – (as we refer to our music) is highly appreciated. Be it it in form of studio time, accommodation, plane/bus tickets food and publishing.

Enjoy our album A Dollar a day -Music for Border hoppas for brodas and sistas!


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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