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Before Malema’s expulsion – A dollar a day commentary

During my stay in Mzansi i got to break bread with my friend Snow Bizzy, a road and infrastructure development officer in Mafikeng. Snow shares his commentary on a wave of a bold voice that originated from the ANC -Youth league. better known as  The Malema Effect.

You can listen to the commentary here  [audio]      or read while listening.

Snow Bizzy comments :  For me the Malema effect is quite simple. It is not even about youth it is about South Africans being able to debate and
talk about issues. What i find very important is the debates and the issues that he raises about the state of south africa.
There’s a transformational agenda in this country. It’s good that we’re politically emancipated but economically we still
got a long way to go. And people like Julius raise those kind of issues.
It does not help to have politicians who are scared, to talk about issues that affect their people simply because they are
afraid its going to have an impact on the currency on the foreign exchange markets and so forth. It does not change our
reality,our reality is that black people have suffered alot of injustice and they want change.

And people like Julius bring it back and we need to build a more caring society, a more inclusive society, and stop talking
about issues along racial lines and racial divides. The only way you can address that is by removing traces of racism within our society in however way they manifest themselves.

Whether its through ownership of property,through income levels,demographics in terms of work. Occupations lets say, the number of white people versus black people versus Indian people versus colored people in top management. We really need to come to a point whereby we have a society which is purely based on merit. A sociaty which has eradicated all these historical injustices, which are still there in the structure.

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Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

One response to “Before Malema’s expulsion – A dollar a day commentary

  1. Kholisile Gasti Tohts Hlangwana ⋅

    Very true. Peope need to realize that racism bigger than no saying something wrong about the next race but about resources, monetary value and land. Once people are made aware of such and empowered to fight at that level only then the war against racism will show progress.

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