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The Kenya – Southern Africa connection

We have received alot of emails asking why Maisha Yetu is engaged in alot of activities with the South African Hiphop community? I would like to answer by saying that there is no bias,this is actually a culmination of a relationship cultivated over a period of 12 years.

From conceptualization since 2003 -Maisha yetu which was then operating under the iD (low budget productions). Akili blaq then already in Mafikeng busy laying the ground work for Lefoko – A community of artists and activists in Mafikeng engaged in sensitizing their community with Hiphop and music. For those who have been keen, you will note that these are the same values we thrive on as a Non governmental organization.

It is our prerogative to ensure cooperation with communities engaged in similar activities and using our objectives in a  creative fashion via;theatre,poetry and Hiphop music. This summer Akili Blaq is set to release Cruz control vol.1. No rest after the intense work put in the album A dollar a day working with Muki Garang.

The Dilla enthusiast took a short break to Capetown and quickly returned to the lab working on Cruz control vol. 1. Personally i am eager to indulge with this production, why?

Akili is porous and dips his ears into sounds from Bangladesh to Motown detroit via Kalakuta empire,Nigeria. This diversity in listenership is what most music producers lack and even rap artists who think they are dope but only listen to themselves.

Akili works with a wide range of artists and this nudges his reach towards ever evolving, a factor i term as
Akilimorphosis. You should watch it!

Akili works with the best artists whom i’ve personally met and worked with in Mafikeng. I’d say they literally put in work!

Here are some tracks that you can dig from the first lefoko album from the Naughty west movement.

Tsotsi Ya Mtseng Thainnokhu ft Towdeemac 100% Motswako

Call me Aro by Aro

Another album coming out this summer is a signature from a community of young South Africans restless to make change in their lives for a better day. Geen suebat is the name of this movement(sound) in my opinion Geen suebat is an appreciation of the decade old Lefoko movement which took over Mafikeng 12 years ago. Geen suebat will hit stores and the North West streets this summer featuring Artists like Eazy Lap, Apu Sebekedi,Bekz Selalome and Kiddy Amini just to mention but a few.

K9 of Ghosthyld mentioned to me that his boy Ooomph‘s album is in the pipeline. As a result  am currently formatting my hard drive readying it for some hard beats,ill spits and candid raps from the post apertheid nation. It is clear our peers in South Africa are bubbling with energy ahead of the 2014 election in Mzansi.

Right next to Mafikeng in Gaborone, Atmattatva Das popularly known as Angell in the Botswana and South African poetry circles has been fully involved in distribution of Quiddity.  Quiddity is a publication in Bots by Mouth of vigilance that highlights on artistic projects in East and Southern Africa. Angell,Mogomotsi  and Brian Ntshwane and Kabo kbc chanku have been going hard it in buses,planes,ferries and on the road distributing this informative magazine.

Kabo KBC, is an artist, a friend of mouthofvigilance, featured on the grandopenning-FLAKHOOM!!! PROMO project on a track titled ‘as it seems,’ by the hypesters. KBC is currently involved in Quiddity’s s distribution, quite the example of an independent artist working hand in hand with other independent artists for the growth of an independent industry.

Till then we continue to lay the ground for a pan african concert from Mafikeng -Nairobi -Lagos.

Sharp #!


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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