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One on one with K9 -The Jason Adams Ep

While in Mafikeng South Africa recently Maisha Yetu Program’s officer Bra Muki  caught up with the producer of the banger joint A Dollar a day from the self titled album,Werewolf K9.  K9 Born Riyaad Askin a resident of Maftown which is host to notable names such as HHP, Khuli chana,Morafe  just to mention but a few.

K9 is an MC , producer and sound engineer at Ghostchyld entertainment. He took time to break down the Hiphop scene in Mzansi  and went deeper to describe Maftown Hiphop. On a Q & A Tip this is what K9 shared with us.

Bra Muki: So where did you attend your music school, beat maker?

K9:  I never went to music school black. I learned this shit myself. My dad use to play in a band, he was the lead guitarist. So, He taught me the “C” Scale.  To be honest Bongo taught me all the scales of the piano. That’s why i can play. I’m still learning the piano and it’s been 3 years already playing it’s hard.  Still not a master but I can make a beat on any scale. I used to jam on the violin when I was younger but I thought this was not for me. I now I love  them violin pieces on my jams. Bongo is a really good musician and he taught me to be patient and learn these things step by step. Now i don’t struggle no more… Music has become part of me.

Bra Muki:  Impressive. You and Bongo Catalyst are called Ghostchyld why?

k9: Why? Ghostchyld because we represent what real rap stands for. We still believe in the true essence of hip hop and we feel it’s so precious we don’t wanna lose it yo, we trying keep alive inside u – there’s a Ghostchyld in all of us is our slogan. Nah mean!! and

Bra Muki: So MM3rd you’ve worked with him on a couple of joints..

K9: Akili helped alot in terms of direction, I had a trained ear already but his input gave me insight… I’m back on the beats though now. Perfecting my sh*t.. I got  a couple of beats in the banks as well but Jason Adams EP was produced by Catalyst… I got other beats that are still cooking.

Bra Muki: You’ve worked alot with TLS recently and on the Jasons Adams Ep

K9:  I met Tearless at breakin wrecordz but even before from the days of lefoko. we just didn’t get a chance to work together then. Anyway, at breaking connectedl.  So when i started  Gc  he came on board now we are working together. We even  formed a group even, calling ourselves  “Renegades”  that is  Ooomph, Tearless and I..

K9: oh and another thing. Tearless studied jazz add on to  my skill on scales, we know exactly what a track need’s since we manufacture music from scratch – beat to lyrics we make a good team..

Bra Muki: Who are your influences in hiphop ?

K9: My influences would be mcz like Kweli, Mosdef, but most of all Nas. I was a big up Nas fan when I grew up until I discovered Redman, company flow, the likes of common.. oh the list goes on.. but everything influences me. I got this music sh*t in my blood. Love for hip hop unconditional. It’s all I know.. . Oh sh*t, Big pun, Sean price, Boot camp.. This is never gonna end but yeah u know..

Bra Muki: Give me your views on SA Hiphop.

K9: I think SA hip hop is featured mostly from Jozi those cats be on TV,lots. I Personally got love for Proverb and Prokid and not forgetting Tumi you  know. I feel those are ninjas still keepin it right, since cats ain’t keeping it real no more. Just my opinion.. Hence I gotta get out there and let them hear what I got coz as I said before, I believe in the true essence of hiphop.

Bra Muki: Is Northwest Hiphop a force to reckon with?

K9:  Hell Yeah especially Maftown Hiphop. Mafikeng is like the mother of all these musicians out there in Jozi or wherever. Most of them come from maftown or they started their career here and when they needed growth they moved to Jozi . I believe Maftown still keepa the purist essence Word is bon Jovi…

Bra Muki: Who are some of the producers you’ve worked with in Maftown

K9: Firstly, AKili Blaq big up, nuff respek to him u know. I’ve known him for a long time. I met him at lefoko, he know’s as well. All my hits from back in the dayz was on his beatz.. Thainnokhu – he is dope too since back in the day. I’ve with Majah Scales too and I think that’s about it.. Yeah.. and Catalyst who on my team so yeah that’s about it..

Bra Muki: Anything you know about East Africa?

K9: . I don’t know much about East Africa but I’m interested in findin out.. u will hav to school me son..ahh got it the A Dollar a day project! Southern Africa meets East Africa towards west Kaboom African Hiphop.

Bra Muki: An MC and a father at the same time how does it work for you?

K9:  It’s very difficult but my family is supportive. I try to make time for both.. Normally work on weekends… mix during the week… my daughter plays on the floor in the stu while I work.. so, I try to juggle between the two.

Bra Muki:  Who are some of the MCs in Maftown you’ve worked with

K9:  Apu, Thainnokhu, Gomla Cash, Andyvidual. J-Silva, OOMPH, Bekz selalome, Hara,   ja!  for now that’s who i can remember.. you owe me a drink black are we done?


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