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Seasons greetings,2 Rap albums in your christmas package – all that good stuff!

Haaita Daar!  Seasons greetings from our staff at Maisha yetu,Payt & Dextraw Studio

ImageExactly 11 months ago on 12th of January 2012 we released A Dollar a day. A Pan-African collaborative music project that featured artists from Kenya,SA,Zim,Zambia,Bots,Naija and the states  just to mention but a few.  Now 12,007 free downloads down the line, here’s our appreciation for showing us so much support. To all our fans,critiques,supporters music,art lovers,sponsors we present to you an end-year musical bonus for your christmas package.

ImageYes ladies and gentlemen we at Dextraw Studio,Payt and Maisha Yetu send you warm tidings during this festive season. For your loyatly and continous suppport we’d like to present you with a christmas musical bonus package i.e A Dollar a day deluxe edition and Cruz Control Vol.1.

The Deluxe edition is a final rendition from a labor love from our producer MM3rD. After remastering all the tracks on the previous release of  the A Dollar a Day album. MM3rd has included  two more tracks i.e. Sunrays by Attmattva Das and fuss test by Akili Blaq ought to make it even heavier for your speakers to deliver. A Dollar a day Deluxe edition gives you the professional aura that sound engineers seek in production. To rappers,poets, and hiphop fans at large, then knowledge inbound suffice to say, is timeless! cuts across all the borders through Sub-saharan Africa and the Diaspora.

After all that seriousness from ADAD, Cruz Control Vol.1 ensures you unwind with High spirits during this festive seasons and beyond. No matter where your are, Summer or winter, day or night, drunk or sober, we strike a balance because all work and no plays….. we need music for any good day!. So think before you shoot… get your fingers off the trigger and go ahead download our music… share with all and Sundry this christmas! A Dollar a day Deluxe edition & Cruz control vol.1

This is a continued effort of collaboration between Kenya  and South Africa in empowering young people to use their talent. To encourage Sub-Saharan African youth to to view themselves as a resource and not a marginalized community.

Aweeee …


About maishayetu

Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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