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Apu & Beckz -Monkey barz album dropping soon!

Apu seatedApu sebekedi and beckz Selalome are working on an album. How does this work? First its definitely a blazing Motswako collab! How do i know? Apu known for his jumpy high impact thermogenic monkey beats, mushing up with fierce verbal tongue lashes from Beckz ( of the reknown baby butt soft hit). Yes you might as well get your work out gear ready, and the best ear and headphones because i guarantee you its a certified head nod.

Last i checked with these two MCs they were in Pretoria recording,mixing and mastering. I have had the priviledge of hanging out with ApU and truth be told his creative spontaneity will awe you! The first time i met Apu in MAftown at Unit 6, he had conjured a hook from the first two lines i had in my convo with him. Hence the track Mad ol.

Play Mad Ol

Bekz BekwapiEnter Beckz Selalome who according to me doesn’t need any  introduction. When i first heard Baby butt soft in 2010 and it was a heavy rotation anthem that i shared with connects across the globe! The feedback, hectic! Tswana rap was blazing from jeep speakers from Dar-e-salaam Tanzania to Ann Arbor Michigan.

Really i can confirm that yes, the two are working on an album which will be released soon, but i don’t have the dates. Yeha sad to say that because since am close with these two cats i thought i’d have more info, i guess they’ve kept the lid tight shut because of a leakage that occured during their mastering. Well the game is rigged and these young cats are working on their bit to midwife this long awaited Geen Suebat themed album to your ears.

Lastly Geen suebat is a hand throwing resentment attitude towards any form of frustration.. more like saying Yabasta! Enough is enough!

PS : Motswako a way of life – A documentary featuring prominent and upcoming Motswako artists from the Northwest Province of the post apertheid nation was aired this past sunday on South Africa’s EATV.  You’ll definitely notice the presence of these two tswak-ed out Motswakolistas.

Apu shows off his prowess after curtain raising for America’s R&B star Usher during last year’s Pilsner Ansa festival in Mafikeng.



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Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

4 responses to “Apu & Beckz -Monkey barz album dropping soon!

  1. Molete

    Ketla Rata Go Ipona Le Nna Ke Joinin It If U Dnt Mnd Mafiyensss


    Yho APU ,Thanx for the banging new work man we gangstars and ballerz appreciate you and The Geen Suebat crew much love,and keep the heat on! BIGG BASH HOLLA!!

  3. Bigg to yo cats – Rise tha Motswako naxn – I dnt catch EAtv so – where can I catch da’ DVD I bet is off da’chainzz

  4. Katlego ⋅


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