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By Muki Garang

From the deluxe version of A dollar a day produced by Akili Blaq of Dextraw Studios there are two additional tracks.  Sunray by Handsaloof aka Attmatatva Das is one of the poems that i feel inclined to recently.  The mind is an extremely strange place to wonder about and can be scary experience for those who’ve dared take trips. Using Das’ thoughts to traverse these cognitive spaces sheds sunrays to dark quarters in these parts. Let me not be cryptic, since Death be Das was then known as Angell whom i find  resonance with his poetry. I don’t want to refer myself as a fan but rather, i have the utmost reverence and respect for Das’ poetry.

More than being my host in Gaborone we’ve bonded as brothers. For that reason i took the liberty to transcribe his lyrics from Sunray to share with you, these god sent poet’s clarity in articulating his imagination.


The tricks to remain sober
Avoid these wondrous wavy wisps of dreary dreams
and things that blur when close
Weaves that lead you down
to wishing worlds were wildly colorful coned
like clouds with slow and their view
would stop to drink when the drought is close to over
prayer is the only reality here everything else is a lie
Healthy food for fear like someone with a lofty life to live
caught in the glare of a show of frivolous shadowy things
that swing and glisten in a fiery bling
asked the clone
zoned in a slur of a song we all sing
Yeha we are all bound to be found by the sun!!!
There where the blue rocks are
Out to shoot the milky mist with mama’s antique gun
Food of possibilities ploughed in auspicious nights
Filled with falling stars
fouled by the parts they play, fouled by the parts they play

You can familiarize yourself with Das’ work here;



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Maisha Yetu is a Cultural Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion to involve Kenya’s youth in participation towards National development.

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