Maisha Yetu is a Cultural  Organization that was registered in 2006 with the aim of using its objectives in a creative fashion. Maisha Yetu aims to empower Kenya’s youth through their talents.

Maisha Yetu’s agenda has been pushed by its active members some of whom are artists and have worked with organizations such as; The British Council, French Cultural Centre and the Swiss Embassy.

Maisha Yetu is committed to not only entertaining but also positively educating our audience and sharing similar experiences.

Hip-hop, R&B and reggae (both local and international) which are not only the most popular genres of music amongst the youth but also the languages of social commentary and protest, are at the heart of Maisha Yetu.

Maisha Yetu’s acronyms stand for Milestones Attained In Serving Hiphop Acclaim Youth Engage Talent Unveils.


3 responses to “About MAISHA YETU

  1. Hello. I’m a frequent reader of your blog. I was wondering whether it would be possible to get my blog on your blog roll?
    Here’s my blog http://www.ghafla.co.ke/news . I usually comment in your blog under the pseudonym Ghafla!Guy.

    Kind regards,


  2. Nelson mambili ⋅

    Please,where did mwafrika go to?

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