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This is an introduction  of some of  members …the videos  were shot in 2006 watch and be a part of  Maisha Yetu’s  history !


Dj Zaq



Jukwaani festival 2010

During the Jukwaani festival for performance literature in 2010, Alliance Francaise and Goethe institute provided us with the platform for our production dubbed People’s TV 101Switch on the power to the people.

Maisha Yetu explored the strains of gender roles in this production

The cast comprised of;

Pepe Haze (Shuga, SLAM Africa),Anne Moraa (Nottingham Uni.),Kennet B(Trill click),Eudia Kamonjo(Child Africa Media), Karen Ndiko (Kenyata Uni.), Paul Mbugua (Kenya National Theatre),Lucas Muketha(Daystar uni),Sylvia(Volunteer) & Muki Garang.

Enjoy the videos below which captured part of the action.

Behind the scenes,the making of -People’s TV 101


Muki Garang

I have to say  this year’s Jukwaani was alot  different from the previous on in 2009.  In both festivals’ preparations and rehearsals proved to be extremely challenging when it comes to the technical aspects.  The sharp difference comes in with the team that i worked with, proffesionalism was at its peak.  I realize as Maisha Yetu grows our skills in production grows as well.

For Jukwaani 2010 Harsita Waters  –Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator of Alliance Francaise  did give me another chance .  Thank you Harsita.

I worked out a video production deal with Xmedia Kenya. It reminds me of my friend Mwafrika talking about the intricacies and difficulties of sound production and editing.  With what we had tried the best we could .

This production was brought to life by;Muki Garang,Pepe Haze,Anne Moraa Ondieki,Karen Ashley Nduko,Eudia Kamonjo,Kennet B.

Pepe Haze

The Saul Williamns look alike, Pepe Haze (TY in MTV Shuga) was the coordinator once  again this year for  our  set People’s TV 101.











Anne Moraa Ondieki



Anne Moraa on the other hand is a theater diva – this sister gets into character in a holistic fashion -watch out for her piece ‘Alex‘ you’ll be stunned.









Eudia Kamonjo

Eudia Kamonjo’s poem was a  feminine appreciation of being sensual,with her charm she  disarms the unsuspecting audience leaving them at the mercy of her spell from her poem ‘My hottest poem‘.










Karen Ashley Ndiko



Karen Ashley Nduko’s school girl looks should not deceive you watch her transformation during her perfomance on the piece ‘Funny How‘ she puts the F in FIDA ! .






Kennet B

Kennet B adorning a Bingi natty rasta poise came in with stories and tales of how young women get lured by the desire of a fast life in his piece ‘Kitambi ya sugar daddy’.










I wrapped up the event with a satirical depiction of a live news set  – reading news that highlighted on the plight of women in Kenya.  The piece is called ‘Taarifa ya habari’.  The DVD is ready i’ll let you know how you can get it.

For those of you who continue to support Maisha Yetu, Thank you.  Thanks to Kenya’s best poets also for the  invaluable donation to Maisha Yetu.

The Birth of Wapi -Words & Pictures

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By Muki Garang

Folks i have been on a quest since 2002 trying in various attempts to figure out how this should work. By -this, i mean how WE the youth can be a part of National development.

Before  Maisha Yetu I worked extensively with the British Council Kenya- from February 2006 to July 2007, where I co-founded a program called WAPI (Words and Pictures). WAPI continues to provide a platform for exhibition of material from artists, including music, graffiti, poetry and dance.

Through WAPI, a large number of artists have found a platform to launch their careers, and have gone on to be successful entrepreneurs and artists in the public domain. The program ran monthly festivals actively in Nairobi, Dar-e-salaam, Kampala & Lagos. Continue reading

Hiphop Parliament gets the world’s attention

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Muki Garang and the Late

Angel Wainaina HHP-First Lady

Angel Wainaina’s absence during the Laikipia  Earth Festival,led to a tipping point regarding the management of  communication  in Hiphop Parliament.  The event was hosted by Kuki Galman.

Managing 100 participants each eager to perfom and voice their thoughts to the world, can be s a daunting task. At the Earth Festival of February 2008 Muki and Angel’s absentia could be defined as Catastrophic.

The first article  published about the Hiphop Parliament by The Guardian in the U.K. was misinforming and read as yet another  hurriedly written piece for submission towards, a unique occurence  in Kenya during the Post election violence.

From here on end Muki and Angel tightened their grip as pertaining to communications regarding The Hiphop Parliament. This was witnessed in their BBC interview with Mike Wooldridge.

The Hiphop Parliament

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By Daniel Howden in Nairobi

In 2007 after Kenyans  voted.   Disputed results led to conflict and violence that culminated to 1000 deaths and 300,000 internally displaced persons. Most Kenyans in fear sat in their houses and watching the on goings unravel in different TV channels .

International Media didn’t expect any unusual occurence in Keny’as election of 2007.  Into the second day after the results were announced they streamed in numbers to cover the happenings  from various angles.

All the media houses had the same thing to report; Ethnicity, chaos, violence, murder, genocide etc putting a whole nation into the unforgiving cusp of fear.

Then an editor at  Ghetto Radio,  Muki Garang  in consultation with his  principals in Amsterdam.  Made a decision  to approach the whole issue with a totally different approach. Continue reading

Maisha Yetu – Who we are

Maisha Yetu- Milestones Attained In Serving Hiphop Acclaim Youth Engage Talent Unveils.

Maisha Yetu is a Non-profit Organization that was registered in February 2006 by the NGO Co-ordinations Board in Kenya.  Maisha Yetu’s  goal is to empower Kenya’s youth through their talents.

Its involvement since infancy has targeted youth of Nairobi  from all ethnic and  economic backgrounds.

Maisha Yetu uses popular cultural expressions to disseminate its objectives in a creative fashion to the urban youth. Continue reading