Muki’s Hiphop political agenda 2012

This video was shot,edited by our very own David Muchina aka (Lethal Dynamic-Channel O’  2008 MCee Africa runner up) whose versatility makes us proud of giving the youth a chance.

In the recent Words and Pictures (WAPI) dubbed The return of Muki Garang an event  held on 2nd  July 2011 at the Sarakasi Dome in Ngara, out very own Muki Garang was invited by Sarakasi Trust to commemorate 6 years of the program since he created it together with the British council.

Not only did Muki impart the importance of political awareness but he also set the pace to consolidate Kenyan youth to build a political constituency.

In Kenya the youth have little, if any, economic power which in turn makes their participation process in National development negligible. To win the war against negative ethnicity and reverse the adverse effects on the Kenyan people, an elaborate youth program using civic education will boost awareness around the issue across the country.

Using popular culture as a tool enables us to build the capacity in young people to make informed decisions. By tapping into dance and music, communicating important subject matter becomes easy due to the interest and the passion youth draw from them.

Our members Jemedari Muziki and Mandela 3rd Eye (Malawi)  graced the occassion  as well. We thank you for coming to experience with us the auspicious moment .

Jemedari flows








Mandela 3rd Eye

Maisha Yetu officials

Loice Lamba The secretary of Maisha Yetu, is a Make up artist/Nutritionist by proffesion and helps in the running of Maisha yetu.

Muki Garang is the programs officer at  Maisha Yetu. Other than being a performance  poet he specializes in event management, Artist promotions and also a critic for TV productions.

Mike Kellah is our treasurer and handles our little money matters.. from organizing audits and managing funds by channeling and prioritizing on projects. Kellah’s hobby is geeking his love for electronics stands tall. Check out his website.

Craig G shouts out Mwafrika on the New JS1

Walking through the crowds when perfoming in Nairobi
Thats the greatest show i’ve seen Mwafrika told meCraig G.

Rapper Craig G from Queens- Ny was hosted in  July 2009 by Mwafrika formely of Ghetto Radio.

In retstrospect to the hospitality he was accorded, Queensbridge resident Craig Burry gave a shout to his homeboy Mwaf in the New  DJ JS 1 album  No one cares. The title of the track is No Fool feat. Craig G.

Mwafrika a member of Maisha Yetu shared the track wit y’all.

Jukwaani festival 2010

During the Jukwaani festival for performance literature in 2010, Alliance Francaise and Goethe institute provided us with the platform for our production dubbed People’s TV 101Switch on the power to the people.

Maisha Yetu explored the strains of gender roles in this production

The cast comprised of;

Pepe Haze (Shuga, SLAM Africa),Anne Moraa (Nottingham Uni.),Kennet B(Trill click),Eudia Kamonjo(Child Africa Media), Karen Ndiko (Kenyata Uni.), Paul Mbugua (Kenya National Theatre),Lucas Muketha(Daystar uni),Sylvia(Volunteer) & Muki Garang.

Enjoy the videos below which captured part of the action.

Maisha Yetu artists’ Discography

AngellIn my tenure as an artist i have embraced different forms of artistic expressions. Underground/Indie is a bedrock of my being. Careful thought processes laid out on engaging,influencing beats. The combination is bliss. It is like the stage, where you can get away with everything so liberating.

Times have changed, life has changed me, in my course of acquiring life skills,my energy points have gone low, mostly because i have not been keen to identify sources of inspiration around  me, so the Hiphop inside me lays dormant.

A first attempt to retrace my steps sees me reliving what i was able to produce and who i worked with. That my inspiration around Akili Blaq or Angell Nthoi is quite amplified perhaps due to the fact that then, i do it for me without having to worry about who will buy the single, its for me!

My inspirations in Kenya have always been to deny myself  and be considerate.  Argon of renaissance,Elohim radii, the abstract poet who loved to arrange his jumbled thought on muddled guitar riffs,distorted drum patterns  where’d he go?

I’d delve into deep thoughts listening to Baaba Maal, Oumou Sangare, Ry cooder, Tony Allen, Kante Manfila, Psychedelic Africa, Orcheastrae Baobab  or some strange compilation of World music by

Abel The Hun

my former producer Abel the hun . Who encouraged my appreciations of various genres from  world music to abstract hiphop namely Cannibal Ox, Nephlym Modulation System, Komatose.

Last but not least i thank Mwafrika in finding it within me to produce under stringent circumstances and appreciate that in whatever form, if there is a message then it has to be articulated, creatively.

For now enjoy what is here,hard smart work with my friends from Kenya,South Africa,Botswana, Sweden and USA. Enjoy!

I will the time is here -Produced by The British council CLD ’06

Simeon ole Maasai -Produced by The British council CLD ’06

Pills – Written by Muki Garang and Mwafrika

Upuzi  -Mwafrika featuring Akili Blaq (Mafikeng, SA) Muki Garang

Transatlantic Alliance –  Shida Mingi (Boston,USA) featuring Muki & Mwafrika -Produced by Wilson Wahome

Burn   produced by Abel the Hun (Malmo,Sweden)

Tabia Zetu  -Produced by Abel the Hun (Malmo,Sweden)

Tribute to Garang -Produced by Abel the Hun (Malmo,Sweden)

Justice – Written by Muki & Mwafrika produced by Dj Stoupe

Cashatta Flavored muffins – Written and served By Akili Muindi MMIIIRD compilation    Mafikeng-Lefoko

Death Be – Written and perfomed by Angell Bhakita Mphaphi Nthoi  -Gaborone, Botswana

Mama Muki

Sheep na Wolf  -Infidel & Mwafrika